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Z7 Implants® and Zinova Implants®
Registered trademark of MABB.

Z7 Implants® and Zinova Implants® are designed and produced by CIM-UHP, being the solution latest generation, for patients seeking to avoid metals in your body.

Z7 Implants® and Zinova Implants® are designed and produced by CIM-UHP, being the solution latest generation, for patients seeking to avoid metals in your body, whether due to allergies, hypersensitivities, or treatments that require the removal of metal parts in the maxilla; to avoid electromagnetic interference, or avoid release of particles, typical of oxidation processes, bio-tribo-corrosion, or simply wanting solutions that contribute to comprehensive and aesthetic health for life.

Abutments System

MABB Z7 Abutments are produced with the Zirconia Yttria biomaterial – nanoceramic, standardized and approved for medical use. They have been developed by doctors and engineers of prestige and international reference, taking into account the needs and problems in the global dental implantology market, in order to have a very high quality product at competitive costs.

Monobloc System

1-piece implant prepared for digital flow. Native 3D implant surface free of impurities with nano, micro and macro roughness that accelerates osseointegration and reduces the risk of detachments and/or unwanted inlays.


Robust internal connection designed to avoid the micro-movements typical of 2-piece implants while respecting the maximum mechanical performance provided by Zirconia. Different versions of prosthetic systems: with isolated metal core (Ti-Base), carbon fiber composite screw, Zirconia screw and cemented versions, with angled and straight abutment versions.

Complementary elements

MABB designs and produces, on its own or through certified third parties, all the elements required by Doctors to perform surgeries and subsequent treatments on patients.

CIM-UHP technology

Z7 Implants® and Zinova implants® are produced with a cutting-edge technology called CIM-UHP (Molding by Ultra High Pressure Ceramic Injection). At a global level, only a small group of companies governs this technology. CIM technology allows you to design and develop macro, micro and nanostructured directly into the Z7 implant molds. Thanks to this technology, subsequent conventional treatments performed on each implant are avoided, eliminating the risk of detachment of particles or incrustations of foreign bodies that are harmful to health.